July 23, 2020

Greetings Normalite family and friends!

The Alabama A&M University Alumni Association, Inc. is excited to announce the alumni that have been selected to receive our first Under 40 Champions awards.  Striving to build a bridge to a new generation of those who hold the Old Bulldog Spirit near to heart, these Champions are selected and celebrated for their various professional and civic achievements.  These individuals have excelled in their respective areas while representing Alabama A&M University to the best extent possible. Our Under 40 Champions program recognizes the leadership of our alumni in the community, corporate settings, and academic arenas. Through their continued service, Alabama A&M University continues to rise as a premier institution among colleges and universities.  Their continued efforts echo our motto, “Service is Sovereignty.”  We are honored to present the members of our inaugural class of Under 40 Champions:

Jennifer S. Anderson (2003)

Patrick Bynum (2011)

Quentin T. Carter (2003)

Cynthia Daniels (2003)

Eddie Davis, Jr. (2002)

Brandon Gilmore (2013)

Ciji Griffin (2005)

Nia Hines (2008)

Russell Jackson, Jr. (2011)

J. Patrice Marbry (2002)

Alexis T. Mason (2006)

Keia E. Peeples (2003)

Gewel Richardson (2018)

Leah M. Slones (2009)

Shawn R. Smith (2002)

Tony Stanford, Jr. (2007)

Adrienne Starks (2002)

Linwood B. Whitten (2004)

Melanie C. Whitten (2004)


Please join me in congratulating our Under 40 Champions!



Albert Benifield, Jr., President

Alabama A&M University

Alumni Association, Inc.